Running in Skirts

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This is where I share my thoughts and reflections, blessings, and little ways of finding meaning and beauty in life.

Why “Running in Skirts“?
Because I want to nurture a sense of creative joy and expressive freedom –  the experience of running in skirts.
You know, it’s when you get kinda restless, and you have this bouncy energy and you want to do something with it,  and you just have to get outside and RUN (or dance!) without worrying about changing your clothes or whether it’s raining or which direction to go or who’s going with you or how many dishes need doing. Can you think of a moment like that, maybe when you’re a kid and you discover the most epic hill ever and you just have to run down it for the pure joy of it?
That’s what I’m talking about.

And don’t worry, I’ll still do the dishes. Those of you who know me understand that I’m usually pretty good about doing what needs to be done and helping out. Lately, however, I’ve realized how blissful I feel when I open a little more space up in my daily life for following my spontaneous creative impulses, trusting that I will get to the dishes in due time (or finding creative ways to enjoy doing the dishes). For me it’s about staying tuned in to my own inner energy, and honoring my needs while also striving to support the needs of others and go with the mysterious flow of events around me which can change at any moment. Wow, the balancing act we do every day!

Isn’t it amazing to be alive??

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